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4 Optional Extras to Enhance Transcription Services

By 6th January 2022February 14th, 2022No Comments
Transcription Services

Transcription services are utilised by many different types of organisations and industry sectors, they all need something slightly different from the data that they collect.

A high standard, intelligent verbatim transcript will provide an accurate reflection of the discussion that has taken place. Optional extra levels of service can help the researcher add detail and nuance to their analysis, by bring the written text to life and enabling them to analyse themes more quickly.

Transcription services companies now offer a range of additional enhanced services to suit the diversity of their clients’ needs, here we explain what they are and how they can help.



What is it?

Anonymisation removes personal identifiers from a transcript, for example, a respondent’s name, job title, where they live and organisation they work for.

What’s it good for?

Before you conduct any research, providing assurance of anonymisation to your interviewees will gain their trust and encourage more openness and honesty, especially important in sensitive subjects.

Anonymising data within an accurate transcript helps with compliance to GDPR.  Anonymous data is not personal data as it poses no risk to individuals if it were leaked. At Transcribe It, we understand the need for security is paramount and that you need a transcription service you can trust.


Speaker ID

What is it?

Speaker ID is to individually identify the respondent who is speaking within a group discussion, using their initials or a colour code throughout the transcript.

What’s it good for?

A standard transcript will distinguish between the moderator and the respondent, so it’s clear who’s asking the questions and who is answering them.  With speaker ID, different job titles can be identified, for example, between different health professionals in a discussion group, or parents and their children, teachers and their students.  Added colour coding for groups of respondents can also be a valuable tool.


Time Stamps

What is it?

Time stamps are markers in transcribed text that indicate when the adjacent text was said. Time stamps are in the format [HH:MM:SS], where HH, MM, and SS are the hours, minutes, and seconds from the beginning of the audio or video file.

 What’s it good for?

Focus group discussions can last 120 minutes and transcripts are lengthy. If it’s on video, regular time stamps are useful for fast forwarding to be able to watch the respondents’ body language and how they react, or quickly navigating through the headings in the discussion guide. Time stamps for each new speaker are often used by video production companies in order to embed text onto the screen, or police and HR interviews, for legal purposes.


US English

What is it?

US English is the dialect of the English language used primarily in the United States. American English spellings are based mostly on how the word sounds when it is spoken.

What’s it good for?

Transcribe It offer a US English option, since many work internationally and US clients prefer to see a “mom” than a “mum” or a “center” than a centre”.  Please just let us know when booking your work.


Transcribe It is the UK’s longest established transcription services provider, 2022 is our 30th year in business.

Please use our contact form or call on 01992 445411 to discuss how we can help with your transcription needs.


4 Optional Extras to Enhance Transcription Services
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4 Optional Extras to Enhance Transcription Services
A variety of enhanced transcription services are now available to suit the needs of clients. Find out what optional extras we can help with.
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