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UK Transcription Service

When it comes to choosing a transcription service, the first thing you worry about is the quality of the transcript you’re going to get back. Let’s face it, when you decide to invest your money in a human transcription service rather than an automatic speech to text software, you need to be assured that you will receive a high quality, accurate reflection of the discussions that have taken place, in order to analyse your data.

Here are some compelling reasons why UK transcription services are the best in the world:

  1. Security and Confidentiality 

A reputable UK transcription services provider will assure their clients that they meet incredibly high standards of security and confidentiality expected in the UK, and as a bare minimum should hold:   

  • Cyber Essentials accreditation:Security

Cyber Essentials is a government scheme that ensures organisations implement protection against cyber attack, demonstrating to clients that they have secure systems in place to protect their material.  

  • Be GDPR compliant:

Organisations should be registered with the UK Information Commissioners Office under the Data Protection Act, which demonstrates a commitment to the data privacy and protection of clients’ recordings and transcripts.   

  • Have a secure website:

Credible UK based transcription companies  provide uploading facilities accessed via a web browser user login, with password details encrypted using MD5 encryption, operating a secure connection between their website and browsers, including AES 256 bit encryption. 


  1. UK Based Team UK Based Transcription Service

Having a UK based transcription team provides a number of unique advantages:

  • A professional UK transcription services provider will only employ UK based transcribers for whom English is their mother tongue.  
  • Individuals can be DBS checked and identifies proven.
  • UK transcribers understand the nuances of a broad range of dialects, accents and colloquialisms.
  • A UK transcription services provider with a global approach, will have a team that is available to work evenings and weekends, to always meet clients’ deadlines from around the world.  


  1. Trusted by recognised UK organisationsTrusted

The majority of leading, respected organisations will only trust UK transcription providers for their audio transcription services.   

Testimonials from large academic institutions, public sector organisations and policy units will be clearly demonstrated from a consistently high quality, UK transcription services provider.  



We hope this has helped you.  Transcribe It are the UK’s longest established transcription agency, providing consistent, high quality transcriptions services since 1992.  

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