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Academic Transcription

One of the great pleasures of conducting academic research is that you get to talk to people on the subject that you are most interested in.  However, whether you’re an undergraduate working on your final dissertation, a postgraduate trying to write your thesis for your master’s, or a full time academic running a research project, the volume of data you’ve produced and how best to analyse it is a common issue.

Reasons to get your academic research transcribed

  • You can read, digest and analyse much faster than listening to your audio recordings.  
  • Your research is documented and accurate.
  • Transcribed interviews can help you as a researcher to better code the data and to find and organise illustrative examples of themes.
  • Audio recordings, in these days of GDPR, should be kept for a minimum amount of time.  Anonymised transcripts can be filed at the UK Data Archive, for future use.

Why use a human academic transcription services provider

  • Using a professional academic transcription service can save you valuable time, when you’re running out of it.  Most human transcription services offer standard turnaround times of 24-48 hours. 

Some agencies will charge you cheaper rates if you wait three weeks for your transcripts, but find an academic transcription services provider who doesn’t charge you extra for getting work back to you quickly.   

  • Transcriptions give researchers the power to quickly search and pull up the content they’re seeking.  

Find an academic transcription services provider who can type your material straight into a theming software such as NVivo.  

  • Anonymisation:  How and when to anonymise qualitative research is a growing issue for many researchers.   If you want your research to be filed in the UK Data Archive, a human transcription service can anonymise your data for you.  

Look for an academic transcription services provider who can anonymise your data, removing personal identifiers.  Some agencies provide both an original and anonymised version of your academic transcript.

  • Research!  A human academic transcription services provider will do their own research, into unfamiliar terms, jargons and complex subject areas, so your academic transcript is a true reflection of the discussion that has taken place.  


Transcribe It have been providing transcription services to the academic research sector since 1992.  

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Transcribe It team today to discuss your academic transcription requirements.