A list of frequently asked questions...

Who Do You Offer Transcription Services To?

We offer academic transcription services, particularly to social science. Market research transcription, transcription services to public and third sector organisations, charities, pharma/drug research and PROs, and the NHS. 

We also regularly work in highly sensitive research areas such as child abuse, domestic violence and substance abuse.  Our transcribers are all DBS checked. 

How Does Transcribe It Keep My Material Secure?

Our website has a secure, encrypted uploading facility, where you can upload your files.  In line with GDPR, material is kept for the minimum amount of time on our systems as is necessary, your recording is deleted from the website as soon as a transcript is produced, and from our hard drives within 7 days.  Transcripts are kept for 90 days on one encrypted hard drive only and then permanently deleted using a File Shredder program.

Do you offer GDPR compliant anonymised transcripts?

Yes. Researchers are being increasingly asked to archive anonymised and decontextualised data, however they still need a complete version for analysis and their records. 

We offer FREE anonymisation upon request. For a small extra charge, we can provide two versions of one transcript, one complete version and one anonymised, with all personal information being removed.  

How Do I Get Started With Transcription Services?

Simply complete an online request form and once you are happy with our quotation, register on the website, creating your unique logon and password.  We’ll authorise access and you can upload your recordings.   Transcripts can be either securely uploaded to your folder on the website or emailed, encrypted or unencrypted, the choice is yours.   Some clients prefer to use Dropbox or We Send It etc, we’re happy to work with all methods of delivery.  We invoice on completion.

Do You Charge Extra For Quick Turnaround?

No!  Our ethos is if we have space in the diary, we’re happy to fill it and do not charge extra.   We regularly achieve turnarounds of next day, we aim for a standard 48 hours and our transcribers are happy to work weekends if necessary to achieve a Monday 9am deadline.

How are transcription services charged?

Billed per minute of recording.  We only charge for what is transcribed, on a pro rata basis. 

Rates offered for dictation, interviews and groups of 3 respondents plus, with three levels of transcription service: Summary, Intelligent Verbatim and Strict Verbatim. 

How do I pay?

Invoices are issued upon completion of the work.  Payment can be made by bank transfer, all major debit and credit cards accepted.  We are established suppliers for many large institutions and POs are accepted.  Rates subject to VAT.

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