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Why HR Professionals Use Transcription Services

By 29th May 2020May 26th, 2021No Comments
Transcription Services

HR professionals’ roles have become increasingly multifaceted, from employee engagement to rewards and recognition, from diversity and inclusion to learning and development.   One of the most complex, time consuming and intensive functions is that of grievance and disciplinary, where it’s necessary for employers to deal with issues in an open, transparent and impartial manner.  

So why do organisations use an professional HR transcription services company to produce professional verbatim transcripts of their initial investigation meetings, grievance hearings and disciplinary meetings?  

  1. Guarantees Confidentiality

Having a detailed, written record of a meeting makes sense.  Outsourcing transcription to an external provider ensures your confidential, internal investigations are protected from gossip spreading and internal office politics.   

Professional HR transcription services companies adhere to GDPR/Data Protection requirements and keep your material safe and secure.  

  1. Ensures 100% Accuracy

One of the distinct aims of following a clear grievance and disciplinary process is to ultimately prevent litigation.   The employer can protect themselves by having a word for word transcript produced that is an undeniable reflection of the discussions that have taken place.   

Having HR meetings professionally transcribed by experts can protect against accusations of unfair treatment, racism, sexism, bullying and harassment, since everything that is said between the employer and employee is recorded in a professional.   

  1. Assists Engagement And Gives Confidence

If the employer’s investigation or disciplinary meetings are being recorded and professionally transcribed, both parties will feel secure knowing that their comments cannot be misrepresented or misunderstood.  

By using professional HR transcription services, the employer is not distracted by taking notes –and can fully engage with the discussion, not missing any important detail.  

  1. Gives flexibility 

With the COVID19 pandemic and the lockdown that has ensued, many employers have switched their disciplinary procedures to online conference calls or conducting telephone disciplinary hearings.  

Recordings from online services such as Zoom, Microsoft Team or Skype can be easily sent for audio transcription, again ensuring the employer is protected. 

  1. Saves Time and Money 

Having a clearly laid out, verbatim transcript of a conversation can save the employer valuable time when revisiting the issues of any grievance or disciplinary procedure, being able to pick out critical issues or evidence from having audio converted to text.  

Knowing exactly what’s been said by whom can guide the decisions  that the HR professional has to make, in terms of whether to progress from investigation to disciplinary or dismissal.  

In the case of employment tribunals, having a written record from a specialist HR transcription services company can form part of the employer’s defence, and evidence that they have treated the employee with fairness and transparency throughout the process, protecting against accusations of unfair treatment.   

Ultimately, by using a professional HR transcription services company could prevent a dismissal progressing to tribunal and thereby a very expensive legal case.   


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