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How to Boost Market Research Efficiency with Transcription

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Market research plays a vital role in making effective business decisions, it enables you to identify opportunities, explains what customers really think of you and your products, and helps to pinpoint areas of improvement. 

When conducting qualitative research for market research purposes, the analysis of focus groups and interview data can be a tedious and lengthy process, which is not helpful when client deadlines have become tighter post the pandemic.  Listening back through video group recordings can be a very time-consuming process, valuable time which can be more usefully spent developing themes that come from the research. 

There is a cost-effective solution to this!   If you simply record your video groups and interviews, via Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Skype, you can gain access to the data you need much more quickly by utilising transcription services. 


Simplify Your Market Research Reports with Transcription


If you’re in the research industry, you’ll know that market research will need some form of note-taking – so much information will be thrown about, and you can’t possibly remember all the key takeaways. 

Manual notes are impossible to make, time-consuming and mean you cannot concentrate on the discussion itself.  Automatic Speech Recognition, offered by so many of the video platforms, often produce pages of gobbledygook that need to be worked through and physically corrected in order to make any sense.  

Let a professional transcription service take this task away from you, audio and/or video record the focus group and upload the recording to a secure transcription agency’s website.   

You’ll not just gain a clear written representation of the discussion that’s taken place but you can ask for additional options, that will speed up the analytical process:

  1.   A human transcriber can visually identify the respondents in your video group, so you know who is speaking within the transcript;

  2. Provide the discussion guide and a quality transcription agency with high calibre transcribers can incorporate the main headings into the transcript;
  3. Colour coding, with job titles or gender or respondent type highlighted.
  4. Timestamps:  Video groups are often at least 90 minutes long and so regular timestamps can help you to quickly navigate to the important bits [and skip what’s not]! You’ll be able to review the data sooner and at greater depth and highlight what matters to the client.  


video group transcriptions

Don’t Miss a Thing With Video Group Transcriptions


Recording your sessions will definitely save you time, but sometimes the audio still isn’t very easy to listen to, with patchy connections and lines dropping. There might be people talking over each other, or some accents you struggle to understand. Some insights might be lost through this.

A professional transcription services provider will decipher and capture the maximum amount of data from the video group recording.  A well laid out, professionally produced transcript enables you to maximise the efficient use of your team’s time, rather than working your way through a hideous audio recording.  


At Transcribe It, we offer transcription services that will help your team work efficiently. We make sure all our transcriptions are accurate by using human transcriptionists who research any industry jargon and company names, and double-check with a second listen through.

We also offer strict verbatim transcriptions which capture everything that participants say, including every um, ah and repetition. These help to provide context and understand the meaning behind what they are saying. 

Please give us a call on 01992 445411 or use our contact form and we’ll discuss how we can help you with your UK transcription needs.

Alternatively, you can email us your transcription enquiry at and we’ll be in touch with a quote!

How to Boost Market Research Efficiency with Transcription
Article Name
How to Boost Market Research Efficiency with Transcription
A professional transcription services provider will decipher and capture the maximum amount of data from the video group recording.