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The Advantages Of Using Transcription Services For Online Research

By 18th May 2020May 26th, 2021No Comments
Live Zoom Transcription

In what seems [almost] like the blink of an eye, the world has been compelled to transfer its research and business to totally online.   We’ve adapted quickly and seamlessly, installing the likes of Zoom, Microsoft Team, Skype and the like, in order to attempt to mimic face to face research and collect data in an effective way.

Here we look at some of the uses and benefits for researchers who utilise human transcription services for their online research.  

Live Transcription Services 

During lockdown and in an uncertain environment, clients’ requirements for insights have demanded an accelerated response from market researchers, with tighter deadlines becoming the norm.   

Whilst video conference apps offer an automated transcription tool, having your interviews and focus groups transcribed live by a high quality human audio and video transcription services company can be more useful, productive and cost effective.   How can a Zoom transcription service be effective?

Transcribers can think!

Human transcription services make the leap from an automated, churned out block of text with only 80% accuracy, to a nuanced, intelligently thought through transcript that that actually aids the researcher in mining and analysing their data quickly.   

By providing the discussion guide before the interview or focus group, the human transcriber can digest and understand what the objectives of the research are, therefore capturing salient, high quality data as they transcribe.  

Saves time and money

Written data is easier and quicker to digest and analyse.  Having an interview transcribed live as it happens speeds up the analysis process, a clearly presented transcript can be emailed within an hour of completion, a rich source for insights to be gleaned.  

Focus Group Transcription From Zoom etc.

Market researchers have had to give careful consideration to the optimum environment for focus groups to take place online.  This seems to have resulted in fewer respondents per group, due to bandwidth considerations and respondent engagement.  

Observations from a transcription viewpoint is that the online environment gives facilitators the opportunity to ensure that all respondents engage, are given more time to speak and there is less opportunity for one or two to dominate, which can often happen in the offline world.  

Responses can be richer in content, from fewer people and there is less talking over each other, a transcriber’s dream!  With online video conference, transcription services can identify respondents  easily and therefore at a reduced cost, with no timely guesswork or marking audio to try to identify voices.   

Conversely, how and when to anonymise qualitative research is a growing issue for many researchers and could be much more sensitively issue online.  Human transcription services can offer anonymisation, stripping out personal identifiers in a very nuanced fashion, if required.  


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