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Professional & Corporate Transcription Services

By 29th July 2022No Comments
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Human transcription services have become increasingly popular since the COVID19 pandemic, when the professional world turned to Zoom and Teams in an attempt to replicate business as usual in their respective sectors.


Large corporates, individual companies, charities and public sector organisations discovered that actually, there were benefits to bringing people together on-screen as well as face to face, one major factor being that users are able to record their sessions in both audio and video and produce an ASR transcript. [Automatic Speech Recognition].


For some, a transcript giving a rough outline of the discussion was enough for their needs.   However, many organisations discovered that using the services of a professional transcription agency to turn their audio into text can enhance efficiency.


Here are some settings in which human transcription services can be beneficial for your business.


[1]        Board Meetings with Actions & Decisions


Using a professional transcription service for board meetings can prove invaluable.  Without having to rely on a minute taker, who may also want to take part in the discussion, organisations can rely on the fact that the written record they receive will be a true reflection of what was said.   Actions and decisions are highlighted to take forward so you have an accurate record to refer back to.


Transcribe It has partnered up with Huddle, a UK government utilised secure portal solution, so recordings can be uploaded and transcripts shared within one user friendly folder.



[2]       HR Disciplinary Hearings, Grievance Procedures & Investigation Meetings


The roles of HR professionals have become increasingly varied, ranging from employee engagement to recognition, rewards to diversity and inclusion. Grievance and disciplinary procedures require employers to handle issues in a timely, transparent and impartial manner which is one of the most complex, time-consuming, and intensive processes.


When HR professionals conduct disciplinary hearings, the need for accurate, secure transcripts is vital. The record of these proceedings is a way to mitigate the company’s risk of being taken to a tribunal.


Having HR meetings professionally transcribed by experts can protect against accusations of unfair treatment, racism, sexism, bullying and harassment, since everything that is said between the employer and employee is recorded in a clear, undisputable format.

By using a professional HR transcription service, the employer can be freed from the distraction of taking notes. As a result, they can fully engage in the discussion, not missing any important information


[3]       Job Interviews 



A reliable transcript for a job interview can be a valuable tool for a recruitment or headhunting organisation.  [1] It means they can fully engage in the conversation and not miss crucial elements of the discussion and [2] refer back to what was said afterwards, to check on specific themes within the candidate’s response.   It can also enhance feedback to the client organisation.


With an interview transcript, simply record the discussion and send it over to be transcribed. Our fast turnaround time and extra effort will ensure that you get the transcript at the time you need it.



[4]       Conferences & Seminars


A conference transcription service is useful to have on hand. It is essential to capture important speeches, critical debates, and cutting-edge discussions. Often, a keynote speaker leaves a lasting impression on conference delegates and audience members and it can be a great asset to be able to provide them with a written transcription for them to reflect on afterwards, and share with colleagues.    A great addition to your conference and seminar offering!



[5]        Video Conference Calls


It can be challenging to keep track of what happens on each online conference call when there are so many team members joining from different geographic locations, several internal departments, and sometimes even clients.


A professional transcription service can transcribe your online meetings in real-time, meaning you will have a written record of your conference calls to refer back to and share with others.



Using a transcription service will benefit your business in all its communication needs. Having an accurate and professional record of all business dealings will allow your company to avoid sharing information with the wrong person inside or outside of the company.


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