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How Do Transcription Services Work?

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Transcription is the process of converting speech, in the form of an audio or video recording, into a text document.   Many businesses, charities, researchers and academics utilise a professional transcription service in order to receive a clearly presented, accurate reflection of a meeting, group discussion or interview.  


Human Transcription Vs. AI Transcription


There are two main options to choose from when deciding how to have your material transcribed.  You can choose from using an AI transcription service, which uses automated technology to transcribe the audio, or you can choose a professional human transcription service, carefully transcribed by an experienced transcriptionist . 

At Transcribe It, our high calibre, human transcriptionists are selected and trained to an exceptional standard, ensuring you receive the most accurate transcript.   Terminology is researched, acronyms captured and transcripts double-checked.  This is the most accurate way to have your audio files transcribed, especially under challenging circumstances such as strong, regional accents and poor quality recordings, which automated speech recognition struggles with.  

Whilst you may find AI transcription is a much lower cost, it can often represent a false economy, since it is almost guaranteed you will end up spending extra time amending and editing, to make any sense of your transcription. 


How do I get my audio or video transcribed?


Getting your audio/video transcribed with us is super easy! Just follow our step by step guide to getting your transcription. 


Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Your Transcription


  • Step 1: Prepare your files for transcription. 

The majority of file formats can be transcribed, including Zoom and Teams, you just need to make sure the audio is clear.  

If you are going to upload a video file for transcription, you might need to take into consideration the file size.  Transcribe It’s website can accommodate very large files, you just need to ensure your internet connection is solid enough to transfer it.


  • Step 2: Choose the style of transcription you require. 

There are three main levels of transcription service available. You can choose from the following:

    • Intelligent verbatim
      Where everything is typed out but omits fillers, repetitions, and any stumbling over words, to give a clear but full understanding of the discussion.

    • Strict verbatim
      Transcribes everything that is said and how it’s said – capturing all pauses, hesitations and signs of mood, tone, and emotion.

    • Summary of verbatim
      This style provides a more concise transcription, but still captures the relevant, quality data needed for analysis.  Dialogue is transcribed and some verbatim quotes are included, but repetition and the non-relevant discussion is omitted, and some sentences are edited. This gives more of a summary than the other styles.

    • Optional Extras
      At Transcribe It, in addition to our standard transcription services, anonymisation to comply with GDPR is provided free of charge.  For a small extra charge, we provide two versions, the original and anonymised version.   

We also offer time stamping so you can find certain sections of text quickly, voice identification for up to 8 respondents.  


  • Step 3: Contact us for a quote. 

You can do this by sending an email to, calling us on 01992 445411 or filling in our online quote form. 


  • Step 4: After an account is created on our online secure system, you can upload your file to our secure online system and wait for your transcription!

At Transcribe It, we use up to date, industry-standard methods of encryption to keep your files stored securely. Confidentiality is paramount to us, and we are very committed to ensuring our customers feel reassured that their information is protected. 


Please contact us for any questions you have about your transcription, we are always happy to help!


How Do Transcription Services Work?
Article Name
How Do Transcription Services Work?
Getting your audio/video transcribed with us is super easy! Just follow our step by step guide to getting your transcription.