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Why English Is So Hard To Learn!

By 1st May 2019January 27th, 2020No Comments
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15 Examples of Heteronyms

Those that have grown up speaking English as the mother-tongue might never be able to appreciate just how difficult a language it is to learn.

There are so many accents, so many similar words and so many different meanings across the English language that it’s a wonder that anyone manages to master it!

One of the biggest challenges that many face when learning English is the matter of Heteronyms.

The Oxford Dictionary describes heteronyms as:

“Each of two or more words which are spelled identically but have different sounds and meanings.”

Here at Transcribe It, we’ve drawn up 15 different examples of heteronyms in the English language. Our graphic, situated below, details just how difficult it can be to learn these words alone!


Examples of heteronyms: