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How to Work Smarter with Transcription Services

By 11th August 2020May 26th, 2021No Comments
Interview Transcription

We’re all familiar with the old saying, “work smarter, not harder”. It’s a simple fact that we all want to find ways to work faster and more efficiently in order to save time without having to sacrifice quality. 

Whilst outsourcing transcription can seem expensive on the surface, having a professional transcribe your interview, focus group or meeting can actually enable you to use your time more effectively and increase overall productivity.  

Using a professional transcription services company can enable you to work smarter, faster and more professionally, and here are some of the ways how:  


Save Time Taking Notes

Students and researchers need to capture high quality data from their lectures, interviews and focus groups.  Taking physical notes yourself means that [1] you’re not fully focusing on the discussion and [2] you may miss some vital information.  

Taking an audio recording from your Zoom recording or face to face interview or lecture, can be used to produce a written transcript.  The written word can be digested far easier and quicker than listening through.  You’ll be able to have a complete and accurate copy of your material on file, by sending it away to be transcribed by a professional


Focus on the Most Important Tasks

It’s the analysis rather than collection of data that is the most important factor in your academic or market research project.  Given how much time, effort and cost you put into this, it’s worth considering the use of an outside transcription service to turn your audio into text, producing a clear, accurate reflection of the audio recordings you have made.


Learn to Delegate

Some professionals are now turning to ASR [Automatic Speech Recognition] services to delegate their transcription services, which has many hidden costs.  It struggles to reach accuracy rates higher than 80%, even under ideal recording conditions and can look a garbled mess.

When deadlines are tight, delegating your transcription needs will save time and enable you to focus resources more effectively in order to bring your project to a conclusion.  


Recognise that value is not just all about cost

Cost and cost effectiveness are two different things.   As we’ve already stated, ASR transcription rates are much lower and the service is cheaper, but by the time you’ve gone back through to make the transcript usable, this will cost a lot more than if you’d outsourced to a transcription services company initially.

Transcribing one hour of recording can take a human transcriber 2-3 hours.  If your skills lie elsewhere, one hour can take many, many more hours than this, taking up your valuable professional time, thus leading to a false economy. 


So what is the value add that human transcription companies bring?  


Professional transcription services understand what you need from a recording, by engaging listening skills they produce a well presented reflection of the discussion that has taken place.  

They can incorporate the main headings from the discussion guide so that themes are more easily picked out, enabling the researcher to work through the data more quickly.   

Anonymisation can be an important factor for academic research and a professional transcription services company can strip out personal identifiers, ensuring GDPR requirements are met, when necessary.  Strong regional accents can be understood and time saved.  


Transcribe It is the UK’s longest established transcription services provider [established 1992].   We’re highly experienced in the provision of strict verbatim transcription to the academic sector. 

Please give us a call on 01992 445411 or use our contact form and we’ll discuss how we can help you with your UK transcription needs.

Alternatively, you can email us your transcription enquiry at and we’ll be in touch with a quote!