About Us

Transcribe It was established in 1992

Over the past 29 years, we’ve successfully established ourselves as a leading transcription services provider, trustedby a diverse and reputable set of organisations, both in the UK and internationally. Why?…


We have consistently delivered to deadlines for nearly 30 years.  Our experienced transcription team are happy to go the extra mile, working evenings and weekends to ensure that what we promise, we deliver.


We have a meticulous selection process and select only the highest calibre transcribers to work for us.  Our UK team speak and write the English language as their mother tongue and we do not outsource.


We LISTEN to a discussion, we don’t just HEAR it.  We are incredibly experienced in transcribing recordings from the most simple dictation to the most complex of recordings, turning any conversation, group discussion, meeting or presentation into a clearly presented, accurate transcript.


Whatever the topic, we will ensure all industry jargon, acronyms and relevant vocabulary are captured accurately.  Our transcription services team have outstanding grammar and punctuation skills that are imperative to producing highest quality transcripts.  We allocate particular members of our team to specific ongoing projects, so they become expert in that area. 

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