Providing group discussion transcription services for the market research industry is where we began our journey back in 1992, and has been a mainstay for Transcribe It for over 25 years.

Our group discussion transcription team have been trained to a consistent, high quality standard, ensuring our clients always receive an accurate, well presented reflection of the discussion that has taken place.
Transcribe It prides itself on providing a responsive, personal and conscientious service and that what we promise, we deliver.
What is group transcription?

Group discussion transcription is an effective method of capturing multiple speaker situations in a variety of settings, including focus group discussions for capturing qualitative data, presentations or meetings.

Once we receive your audio files, our experienced Transcribe It team set to work, researching any jargon as necessary, listening closely to your discussion as they accurately transcribe your audio into text. This ensures that the discussion is accurately reflected in the finished transcript.
If required, we can track and assign identities to each of the participants, which are particularly utilised in academic transcription and medical pharma group discussion transcription.

Benefits of Using Transcribe It for Group Discussion

We’re experts in our field and give excellent service at a cost effective price.
In the past 25 years, Transcribe It have spread our wings into transcribing audio recordings of multiple speakers from all industries and sectors, now providing audio transcription services of:

  • Intelligent verbatim

  • Group video transcription

  • Panel discussions

  • Corporate meetings

  • Presentations with Q&As

Types of transcription...

We offer three types of transcription service + extras

Our most popular service. Everything is typed out but omits fillers, repetitions, and any stumbling over words:

“I did a degree in criminal justice and psychology and then after that, got a job working for a drug and alcohol charity and I was based in a Probation Service.  I was a case worker for people who are on probation and needed support with their  drug and alcohol use.”

Everything is said and how it’s said:

“I-I did a degree in criminal justice and psychology and then erm, after that, after that I g-got a job working for a, a drug and alcohol charity and I-I was based in a Probation Service.  [Pause] I was a, a case worker – for um, people who are on probation and need- needed support with their er, drug and alcohol use.”

Provides a more concise read, summarising the audio. Dialogue is still transcribed and some verbatim quotes are included, but repetition, non-relevant discussion is omitted and some sentences edited:

“I did a degree in criminal justice and psychology and got a job working for a drug and alcohol charity based in a Probation Service.  I was a case worker for people on probation, who needed support with their  drug and alcohol use.”

In addition to our transcription services we offer the following optional extras…

– Time stamping

– Voice ID – up to 8 respondents

– Anonymisation:

Researchers are being increasingly asked to archive anonymised and decontextualised data, however they still need a complete version for analysis and their records. For a small extra charge, we can provide two versions of one transcript, one complete version and one anonymised, with all personal information being removed.

Have questions?

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We recognise that security and confidentiality are of the utmost importance to our clients, so we cover all the bases…

I have worked with Nicki and her team for over a year and would not work with anyone else.  Transcribe It is efficient, fast and the quality of the transcripts is second to none. Her team have worked on some of the most difficult projects and always the quality of transcription is of the highest standard.  Nicki is also a delight to work with, she is warm, friendly but also highly professional.  If you are thinking transcription, think Transcribe It.

Steven Lacey, Managing Director, The Outsiders

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