Why transcribe an interview?

A written transcript of an interview speeds up the analysis process and provides a rich source for insights to be gleaned.
We are trusted by leading organisations to provide interview transcription services. Our expertise encompasses one-to-one depth interviews for market research, HR disciplinary interviews for businesses, patient related outcome interviews for the pharma insight sector and academic interview transcription both for individual PhD students and universities.
Transcribe It offers transcription services to a number of sectors:
  • Market Research Transcription Services

  • Academic Transcription Services

  • Psychology and Therapeutic Interview Transcription Services

  • Patient Related Outcome Transcription Services

  • Disciplinary Transcription Services

  • HR Transcription Services

  • Pharma Insight Transcription Services

We are particularly experienced in providing interview transcriptions of a sensitive nature, on difficult subjects, working for a number of large charities and academic departments that specialise in this field. We are fully GDPR compliant, hold Cyber Essentials accreditation and our website uploading facility offers the most up to date encryption level for our clients to utilise,
Benefits of Using Transcribe It for Interview Transcriptions:


We are the UK’s oldest established transcription agency, we have been providing transcription services to the market research, academic and public sector since 1992.


We are fully GDPR compliant.  Recordings are uploaded securely via our AES 256 bit encrypted website.. We are registered with the ICO, Registration No: ZA346679

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We are specialists in providing transcription services of both a sensitive and technical nature. We work for the NSPCC, Macmillan and various universities and public sector organisations, who trust us with the confidential nature of their work.

Cost Effective

We believe in offering transcription services at a fair reasonable price. We actively price check our nearest competitors to ensure rates are lower.

Types of transcription...

We offer three types of transcription service + extras

Our most popular service. Everything is typed out but omits fillers, repetitions, and any stumbling over words:

“I did a degree in criminal justice and psychology and then after that, got a job working for a drug and alcohol charity and I was based in a Probation Service.  I was a case worker for people who are on probation and needed support with their  drug and alcohol use.”

Everything is said and how it’s said:

“I-I did a degree in criminal justice and psychology and then erm, after that, after that I g-got a job working for a, a drug and alcohol charity and I-I was based in a Probation Service.  [Pause] I was a, a case worker – for um, people who are on probation and need- needed support with their er, drug and alcohol use.”

Provides a more concise read, summarising the audio. Dialogue is still transcribed and some verbatim quotes are included, but repetition, non-relevant discussion is omitted and some sentences edited:

“I did a degree in criminal justice and psychology and got a job working for a drug and alcohol charity based in a Probation Service.  I was a case worker for people on probation, who needed support with their  drug and alcohol use.”

In addition to our transcription services we offer the following optional extras…

– Time stamping

– Voice ID – up to 8 respondents

– Anonymisation:

Researchers are being increasingly asked to archive anonymised and decontextualised data, however they still need a complete version for analysis and their records. For a small extra charge, we can provide two versions of one transcript, one complete version and one anonymised, with all personal information being removed.

Have questions?

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We recognise that security and confidentiality are of the utmost importance to our clients, so we cover all the bases…

“As an author scheduling interviews to fuel the research for a book, I need to know that even the most vocally-challenged interviewees will have their words deciphered as quickly and reliably as possible. With Transcribe It, I always have that confidence. They also approach timetabling with an honesty and flexibility that makes them a pleasure to work with, even (i.e especially) when deadlines are drawing closer.”

Duncan Campbell-Smith, Author

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