Pharmaceutical and Medical Transcription Services

When it comes to gaining insight from patients, payers or physicians, it's important that our healthcare market research clients have a professional transcription agency who fully understand their requirements.
We offer 256SL encryption, GDPR compliant practices and Cyber Essentials accreditation, to reflect our commitment to the highly confidential nature of our clients' work. You can trust us to keep your material safe and secure.
The UK's Longest Established Pharmaceutical Transcription Services Provider

Patient Interview Transcription:

Transcribing patient interviews and gathering their feedback is integral to a reputable pharmaceutical research organisation.

Transcribe It appreciate the need for patient confidentiality. We make sure that all our transcription teams are security cleared and suitably bound by any specific agreements you may require.

We also provide high-level security encryption for all our emails, taking great care to ensure their information is private and protected.

We are the UK’s oldest established transcription agency, we have been providing transcription services to the market research, academic and public sector since 1992.

Pharmaceutical Transcription:

Transcribe It offers transcription services for pharma insight agencies, including transcription of patient and physician interviews, duos, triads and groups.

Our intelligent verbatim and strict verbatim transcription services are undertaken by the most experienced and well-trained teams who understand and thoroughly research medical terminology, ensure accuracy and are flexible to meet tight deadlines when necessary.

Transcribe It understands that pharmaceutical research requires specialist transcription services that offer stringent confidentiality measures. We have delivered high levels of quality, accuracy and security for nearly 30 years.
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Focus Group Discussion

Physician and patient focus groups are a vital facet of pharmaceutical research.

Acquiring an accurate record of a focus group with animated discussions involving multiple people requires an experienced pharmaceutical transcription services provider.

Transcribe It have had nearly 30 years’ experience transcribing group discussions, across many different pharmaceutical research areas. We ensure that you get the most accurate record you need, so you can focus on the more important themes that emerge from your research.

Specialists in Pharmaceutical and Medical Transcription Services since 1992

We have extensive experience in transcribing a broad range of medical subject areas and our expert team, who have been trained to a consistent, high quality standard, are dedicated to giving you the best medical transcription service possible.

We offer expert medical transcription services from in-depth patient research interviews to medical round tables with doctors and consultants, from video groups and WATIs to telephone interviews.

Medical transcription requires a strong work ethic and attention to detail, due to the complexity of language in many of the recordings we receive and the time spent researching topics to ensure the highest degree of accuracy for our clients.

Medical healthcare transcription is sometimes specialist in nature, in Excel as well as Word, strict verbatim with mood/tone reflection and colour coding respondents by medical specialty, Transcribe It has extensive experience in these service levels.

Types of transcription...

We offer three types of transcription service + extras

Our most popular service. Everything is typed out but omits fillers, repetitions, and any stumbling over words:

“I did a degree in criminal justice and psychology and then after that, got a job working for a drug and alcohol charity and I was based in a Probation Service.  I was a case worker for people who are on probation and needed support with their  drug and alcohol use.”

Everything is said and how it’s said:

“I-I did a degree in criminal justice and psychology and then erm, after that, after that I g-got a job working for a, a drug and alcohol charity and I-I was based in a Probation Service.  [Pause] I was a, a case worker – for um, people who are on probation and need- needed support with their er, drug and alcohol use.”

Provides a more concise read, summarising the audio. Dialogue is still transcribed and some verbatim quotes are included, but repetition, non-relevant discussion is omitted and some sentences edited:

“I did a degree in criminal justice and psychology and got a job working for a drug and alcohol charity based in a Probation Service.  I was a case worker for people on probation, who needed support with their  drug and alcohol use.”

In addition to our transcription services we offer the following optional extras…

– Time stamping

– Voice ID – up to 8 respondents

– Anonymisation:

Researchers are being increasingly asked to archive anonymised and decontextualised data, however they still need a complete version for analysis and their records. For a small extra charge, we can provide two versions of one transcript, one complete version and one anonymised, with all personal information being removed.

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We recognise that security and confidentiality are of the utmost importance to our clients, so we cover all the bases…

“I have worked with Nicki for longer than I care to remember! She and her team provide high quality transcription each time, every time. But what I really value about Nicki is that she is not just a supplier, she is a conscientious team player and if she thinks she can help her Clients get better transcriptions she will tell them why and how. Over the years she has been an invaluable source of information to me re appropriate recording formats, choosing quality recording devices, optimum placement of microphones etc etc. And all this advice for no extra cost. That’s what I call good, added value service. The choice of whether or not to use Nicki for transciption is a no brainer.”

Steven Lacey, Managing Director, The Outsiders

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